Race Course

The course is a USATF Certified Mile, for course map go HERE

Heat Schedule

Due to the size of the race, the runners will be organized into twelve heats. Below is the schedule by which each age group and gender will be running. In some cases two age groups will be running in the same heat, however they will be awarded separately by age.

Start Time: All runners are asked to arrive at the starting area (in front of American Family Fitness) with plenty of time before the start of their assigned heat (see schedule below) to pick up their chips and attach to their ankle.

Heat Gender and Age Group Check-in
Start Time Age Group
1 Boys - 14 Years & Over 7:00 am7:30 am Top 5
2 Girls - 14 Years & Over 7:15 am7:45 am Top 5
3 Boys - 11 Years Old 7:30 am8:00 am Top 10
Boys - 12 and 13 Years Old 7:30 am8:00 am Top 10
4 Girls - 11 Years Old 7:45 am8:15 am Top 10
Girls - 12 and 13 Years Old 7:45 am8:15 am Top 10
5 Boys - 10 Years Old 8:00 am8:30 am Top 10
6 Girls - 10 Years Old 8:15 am8:45 am Top 10
Awards for Heats 1-6 Held at 9:15 am in Short Pump Mall Commons Area.
7 Boys - 9 Years Old 8:30 am9:00 am Top 10
8 Girls - 9 Years Old 8:45 am9:15 am Top 10
9 Boys - 8 Years Old 9:00 am9:30 am Top 10
10 Girls - 8 Years Old 9:15 am9:45 am Top 10
11 Boys - 7 Years Old 9:30 am10:00 am Top 10
Boys - 6 Years & Under 9:30 am10:00 am Top 10
12 Girls - 7 Years Old 9:45 am10:15 am Top 10
Girls - 6 Years & Under  9:45 am10:15 am Top 10
Short Pump Express Run10:30 amnone
Awards for Heats 7-12 Held at 11:15 am in Short Pump Mall Commons Area.


The top five overall male and female runners will receive gift certificates and plaques for their achievement. The prizes will be $100 for first, $75 for second, $50 for third, and $25 for both fourth and fifth places. Age group awards will be given based on the heats the runners are in (see table above). Please note, some heats have multiple age awards being given, so please check the results after the heat to determine the place order.

Awards Ceremonies will be at the Stage area near the Finish Line, in the Short Pump Mall Commons area. If you are not able to attend the ceremony a friend can pick up your award, or you will be able to pick it up the following day at NOVA of VA Aquatics. Be sure to check the results for your heat - you won't know that you've won an award unless you check!

To win an award you must run in your assigned heat. In other words, you can't win the 9 year old heat if you are 10 years old on race day. Race Day age is determined by your birth date. If you turn 10 on race day, you will be assigned the 10 year old heat.

If you are late for your race you may compete in another heat of the same sex, but you will not be allowed to receive an award for your age group. You must compete with your own age group to win an award.

Be aware that any runner, in any heat, can be pulled from their age group into the Overall Category.

Example: Jane is 12 years old, and is running in the 12-13 girls heat. Jane runs a 5:05 mile, which ends up giving her the fastest time of the day (beating all the 14-18 girls) - Jane will win an overall award. But then the girl who finishes second in Jane's heat will then move up to first place for 12-13 girls.

Remember, everyone gets a medal when they cross the finish line!